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Exciting Facts About Norway

Possibly, you think that Norway is a northern country covered with snow and ice. Then, visit the country in summer and behold blooming orchards and ripening strawberries. Because of warm Gulf Stream, the climate in Norway is relatively soft and summer is warm. Sea in the North of the country, despite it is located above the Polar Circle, does not freeze even in winter, and in summer temperatures rise as high as 20-30 degrees Celsius even in the North.

Exciting Facts About Norway

Do you know that “Everything for Norway” is a motto on the coat of arms of the Norwegian King?

Do you know that phenetic analysis of cats showed that Norwegian cats are similar to cats of the Shetland Islands, cats of the Shetland Islands are similar to cats of the Orkney Islands and the Isle of Man? The latter are closer to cats of the Faroe Islands and of Iceland. Exactly in this sequence, the Vikings explored North Atlantics.

Exciting Facts About Norway

Do you know that Hockey Championship of 1999 in Norway could have been moved to another country, if the authorities of Norway did not allow the German Warsteiner beer corporate group advertise their production during the games? The problem was that already in 1977 Norway adopted the law against beer advertising, and in 1998 another law was approved that prohibited to advertise light beer to the companies that produce stronger types of the beverage as well.

Do you know that because of mountainous landscape plane is one of the cheapest means of transportation in Norway? With the plane you do not need to pass tunnels, mountain roads or ferries. However that type of transport is not the fastest. For example, although the flight from Stavanger to Trondheim should take around 1.5 hours, it may last as long as five because of multiple landings for passengers to get off the plane at their stops.

Exciting Facts About Norway

Do you know that the major way of transportation in Norway is by bicycle, no matter what the weather is? If it is freezing, people put on warmer clothes, if it rains, they just draw raincoats upon and open umbrellas.

Do you know that you may see a lot of animal (deer, roes, sheep) crossing signs in Norway? Usually there are specifying notes under the sign, like “100 meters – 1.5 km”. It seems that deer are disciplined in Norway, they can be met exclusively at the mentioned distance and do not go further the mark of 1.5 km.

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