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How to Save Money on Food in Norway

It is not a secret that Norway is an expensive country, and prices for food and services there are enormous. We offer you seven useful tips about how to save some money on food.

How to Save Money on Food in Norway

1. Tap water is drinking and of a high quality. You do not need to spend money on bottled water.

2. If you are in Oslo, there is a shop at Grønnland underground station with the lowest prices on groceries. It is easy to recognize by a large counter outside with fruit and vegetables – and by a crowd of people.

3. Buy cigarettes and alcohol at Duty Free. In shops, they are considerably more expensive. You can find alcohol at Vinmonopolet as well, it works on Saturdays by 3 pm, or in Oslo City shopping center.
4. There is Foodora food delivery service that delivers food to your house (or hotel) from almost all restaurants around you. It is a good option if you starve but do not want to go out, have not booked a table, or it is raining heavily etc. The website provides the prices as well. In order to see a list of restaurants, just insert any address in the city center.

How to Save Money on Food in Norway

5. Delicacies are sold at Mathallen, where you can find cozy restaurants as well. However, on weekends it is difficult to find a free place.

6. Among Norwegian grocery chains, the cheapest (by Norwegian standards) are Kiwi, Rema 1000, and Coop. Somewhat more expensive are Meny and Coop Extra, but thez offer delicacies as well.

7. In Kiwi and Rema 1000, you can find fridges with "50 per cent discount" announcement, where they sell products with expiring shelf life at half of its price. The goods are perfectly fine, you just need to eat them quickly.

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