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Norway in Summer: Experiences of a Tourist

This summer I made it to the country of my dreams – Norway. The route was short but intense. I visited museums in Oslo, took an unforgettable cruise around the fjord.

Norway in Summer: Experiences of a Tourist

Many people asked me how I managed to get to Norway, as if I was in Narnia. I assure you, it is quite easy to get to the country, though your trip will be quite expensive.


Accommodation options are multiple in Norway, as everywhere. You may find some free of charge options via couchsurfing, rent a separate apartment (which is especially advantageous for big groups), or stay in a hostel or a hotel. There are many campings where you can rent a place for your tent, car or motorhome. Some campings offer small houses – cabins.

Norway in Summer: Experiences of a Tourist

If your main goal is to enjoy the beauty of nature, book your accommodation in advance. Usually there are small villages nearby famous natural sights, and you will hardly find a couchserfer here. Moreover, local hotels are scarce, and rooms are booked fast.


Norway is a really expensive country, so eating in cafes and restaurants is not an option. Find an accommodation with cooking opportunities. Although food is expensive as well, cooking will be cheaper than eating out all the time.

Norway in Summer: Experiences of a Tourist

I used to buy food at the Oslo railway station that resembles a huge shopping center, where I had an opportunity to compare prices and choose the cheapest offers. I especially liked three stores – Kiwi, Rimi, and Joker. Kiwi was the cheapest, but the latter ones held from time to time actions like "first price" or "two at the price of one". And you can safely drink tap water.


In Oslo (and some other cities), you can find many free of charge sights: parks, churches, buildings of historical value. There are some museums with free entrance as well.

Norway in Summer: Experiences of a Tourist

However, if you plan to visit many museums, buy Oslo Pass, a special card for tourists. You can purchase it at Oslo Visitor Centre in the railway station building. The card can be of three types – 24, 48, and 72 hours. With this card you can use public transport, park your car and enter a considerable number of museums free of charge, as well as have discounts for some excursions and cafes. Taking into account local prices, it pays back almost immediately.

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