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Norway Travel: Behave Yourself!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Several tips on how avoid stupid mistakes while travelling in Norway.

Norway Travel: Behave Yourself!


  • Norwegians seldom raise their voice and feel uncomfortable when others do so. 
  • Despite the existing stereotype, Norwegians usually speak English quite fluently. They learn the language at school and often use it at work. However, it will be wise to learn several useful phrases in Norwegian. 

Norway Travel: Behave Yourself!

  • Another stereotype says how reserved Norwegians are. However, nowadays it is mostly not true. If you find yourself in a trouble (e.g. got lost, missed a train etc.) during your Norway travel, the locals will gladly help you. 
  • The country has its common daily regimen: people wake up at 6 am, work until 4-5 pm, and go to bed at 9-10 pm. It is not so strict in big cities, but should anyway be taken into account. 


  • Do not litter, even if it is an apple core in the forest. If you do not see bins, put litter in a bag until you find one. 
  • It is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol in public. It will show your disrespect towards others, and you will be fined. 

Norway Travel: Behave Yourself!

  • If you feel like walking, take a map with you. In Oslo or Bergen, you can have a map and multiple brochures free of charge at various tourist information points.


  • Buy alcohol and beer at Duty Free. Do not be shy – the route is long, and booze costs a lot in Norway. 
  • Use your VISA or MasterCard, they are accepted almost everywhere in Norway. 

Norway Travel: Behave Yourself!

  • Try seafood at the morning Fish Market in Bergen as a highlight of your Norway travel. It is not cheap, but the atmosphere of Nordic uniqueness is worth it. 
  • Every large community has Narvesen news stalls that offer great fresh brewed coffee with fantastic cakes and hot-dogs. That food is not totally healthy, but is definitely tasty and affordable. 


  • When you stay in a camping, keep quiet after 9 pm. Move active communication outside – to a river bank or in the forest. 
  • Every camping offers a WC, tap drinking water, electricity and containers for litter. Sometimes you may find a washing machine and a shower – for extra money. 

Norway Travel: Behave Yourself!

  • From April 15th until September 15th, it is forbidden to make fires in the forest, including campings. However, grill is allowed. 
  • Almost every piece of the Norwegian territory belongs to someone – a private owner, or state (like in national parks). However, you may walk and cycle everywhere you want unless there is a special sign. And, of course, try to avoid being too close to the inside territory of private houses. 

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