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5 Myths about Norway and Its People

Below you will find everything that you have always wanted to know about Norway but forgot to ask.

5 Myths about Norway and Its People

Myth 1: Norwegian people are reserved and unsociable.

Au contraire: Norwegians will be glad to tell you about their country, their traditions, and their perfect nature they take care of. They will use all languages you or they know, and sign language as well. Just do not be too passionate about Sweden, Denmark, or Scandinavia as a whole.

Myth 2: If you learn Norwegian, you will be able to speak and understand it everywhere in the country.

5 Myths about Norway and Its People

In reality, there are two official forms of Norwegian: Nynorsk that is based on various dialects and Bokmål (literally “book tongue”). That is why if you studied Nynorsk, you will hardly be able to understand Bokmål and vice versa. Moreover, every region has its own dialect.

Myth 3: Norwegians are inhospitable. They prefer to invite people to restaurants or cafes rather to their own houses, and everybody pays for themselves.

My personal experience showed otherwise several time. Once we rented a house in the mountains, 11 km away from the nearest shop. One day I and my six-year-old son decided to go there on foot. When we felt quite tired we started to wave with our hands to all passing cars. In the result, we were not just taken to the destination point, but got acquainted with a big friendly family, their cat and their lizard, were offered some tea and invited for dinner. To their house, not to a restaurant.

Myth 4: Trolls are imaginary creatures, a part of the local folklore.

5 Myths about Norway and Its People

No way! Norwegians’ attitude to trolls resembles a religion. And unbelievers will be punished. Trolls are everywhere: in forests and in the capital, in souvenir shops and abandoned huts. They can take a shape of a dog, a black goat, or a friendly person with a tail. It is important to know what to do when you meet one. First, keep your name secret. Do not take any treat from a troll, and try to run away in the manner that your footprints cross plough furrows in the field. If you meet a troll in a ravine, invite him to follow you to the sunlight. Under the rays of sun he will turn into a stone. Just be always vigilant.

Myth 5: Norwegians follow healthy way of life. They are born with skis on their feet and despise smoking and drinking tourists.

The majority of Norwegians smoke homemade cigarettes. Instead of beer they brew vodka.

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