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A Dream Journey by Oslo to Bergen Train

Taking an Oslo to Bergen train is an ideal way to get to know Norway if you do not travel by car or a caravan.

A Dream Journey by Oslo to Bergen Train

Just fly to Oslo and participate in a comfortable adventure on Bergensbanen, one of the most picturesque Norwegian railroads. Travel time is approximately seven hours.


The tickets can be purchased via the Internet without any troubles. There are two types of them – standard price and mini price. The first one can be returned, but they are 2-2.5 times more expensive then mini price.

If you travel with the family, mind that standard price tickets allows one child to travel with one adult free of charge, and there is a 50 per cent discount for the second child. Child means younger than 16 years.

A Dream Journey by Oslo to Bergen Train

The mini price depends on the time of your trip as well: afternoon is more expensive than late night or early morning. Try to book in advance, the mini price difference between reserving in a week and in a month may be 100 NOK.

While booking, you may choose a way you want to get your ticket: through the ticket machine at the railway station, in the coach by the conductor, or by mail.

A Dream Journey by Oslo to Bergen Train

In the second case, the conductor will ask your name and give you tickets. However it may be useful to have a printed confirmation with you, just to feel more confident.

Ticket machines pose no problem as well, they are quite simple. Just do not forget your reference number that you get after the purchase, and choose the English language.


You have an opportunity to reserve a seat in the Oslo to Bergen train. In order to have more interesting things to see choose a seat in the right in the direction of travel.

If you travel with a bicycle, reserve a place for it in a special coach. You have to call a phone number provided on the NSB website.

A Dream Journey by Oslo to Bergen Train

Second class is the cheapest one, however I do not recommend it – as our goal is to admire the view through the window. Natural beauties will be on the both sides but you will have to stick just to one.

First class (Comfort Seats) costs just 90 NOK more, and offers larger seats, snack tables, electric sockets for your laptop/mobile phone, and a free of charge coffee machine. The arrangement of seats allows you to monitor landscapes in the both sides. If you travel as a group, book seats at the both sides of the aisle.


A Dream Journey by Oslo to Bergen Train

Every Oslo to Bergen train has a board restaurant with adequate prices. A trolley with snacks will pass coaches several times.


The most interesting sights start 2,5-3 hours after the departure. You may have a nap without worries that you may miss something important.

Apart from the unique nature, special places to note are:

Finse, it is the highest station (1222 meters) of the Bergen railroad. It may snow there even in summer. And the design of the station building is quite curious.

A Dream Journey by Oslo to Bergen Train

Myrdal, from here you can see the Flamsbana train which schedule is synchronized with the Bergen train. The stop may last from 10 to 40 minutes (depending on the schedule), so you would have time to pop in a souvenir shop at the platform.

The outskirts of Bergen with considerable elevation changes.

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