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Visit Norway. Part III: Money Matters, Food Matters

Norway’s national currency is the Norwegian krone.

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In 95 per cent of situations you can use your credit card. In the majority of cases a debit card will do too, but, judging by some comments, people may face trouble with a debit card sometimes, like on gas stations, so it is useful to have a credit card as well, especially for such cases. And remember your pin-code!

It is wise to have some money in cash. For example, for the following cases:

  • when you buy berries outside; 
  • on some paid roads to famous sights (around NOK 30-40); 
  • in one of campings we stayed the payment was only in cash (NOK 500-600 per night);
  • for some excursions/guide tours for some banal technical problems with card machines. 

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Usually we buy NOK 400-500 for various cases. You can also withdraw money from every cash terminal. I do not recommend to exchange currency because of huge commissions. In a whole, you can buy a souvenir magnet or a ticket for a ferry using a credit card.


Public catering in Norway resembles its hotels: expensive, rare, and not everywhere of good quality. Almost all travelers prefer to cook themselves. Sometimes it is nice to go to a cafe and treat yourself with tea and a national dessert – waffles with jam. However, the prices are quite high.

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You may buy food for cooking in various supermarkets. Coop and Kiwi often offer discounts and reduced prices. Moreover, they have websites with all addresses and opening times.

Disposable grills are quite popular for cooking meat or fish. You may find them at supermarkets and gas stations, NOK 15 each. If you have a big company and are going to cook a big piece of meat, it is better to purchase several grills.

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Some tourists, especially those who travel with their own tents, use gas stoves. Just mind that it is prohibited to transport gas cylinders by plane, so you will have to buy them on spot.

We did not use a gas stove. We had our breakfasts and dinners in camping huts, and had picnics for lunch: sandwiches, fried meatballs/fish fingers/sausages, bread, some vegetables and some desserts. Plus, a thermos with hot water and tea. Disposable cutlery serves well for such picnics. 


 Along highways you may often notice a sign with a conifer tree with a table under it. It means that soon there will be a ramp to a special resting place. Usually it is equipped with tables and benches, sometimes there is a clean free of charge toilet with a sink. Or. like in the Fjord Region, you may find a small house with a shower and a laundry, NOK 10 per usage!

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Often, such places are located in picturesque places, with a view to a lake or a fjord.

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