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Visit Norway. Part IV: Clothes and Weather

When you pack your suitcase before going to Norway, remember that the clothes should be comfortable and cold-proof – even in summer. I do not speak about a coat, but a normal water- and wind-proof jacket is a must. And a sweater. Sometimes, you will want to put on both!

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Try to put on layers of clothes – a T-short, a sweater, and a jacket. So, you can add or remove the layers depending on the weather. Take a couple of pairs of trousers, preferably at list one pair should be with fleece lining. Everything water-proof is preferable. Add tracking shoes and tracking socks for hiking, do not forget to pack running shoes and flip flopes – the latter are great at campings. Do not forget about a hat or anything to cover your ears.

Tracking sticks will make your journey considerably easier. Add some torches (if, of course, you do not travel during the midnight sun period) – just in case. It is useful to have a water-proof cover for your backpacks. On the route, you never know when the rain starts, and how strong and long it would be.

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No matter where we planned to go, we always had a spare set of dry clothes for each of us in a trunk: a pair of trousers, a pair of socks, a T-shirt, and running shoes.


Here is the main weather website in Norway: YR.

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The weather, as I have already said above, is unpredictable. It may be hot and sunny in May, and July may be rainy and cold. It is often cloudy in Norway, not foggy, but cloudy, when thick flock-beds cover the mountains from the top to the bottom. It is really impressive, however, if you have such weather for several days running, you cannot see a lot of sights.

My advice: be morally and physically prepared for all kinds of weather as there are no rules.


To be honest, there are some rules that allow to distinguish seasons.

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For example, in May and June, the mountains are especially beautiful, with snow-covered peaks and stripes of white and black, like zebras. Waterfalls are in full power, filled with waters from melting glaciers. There are many flowers, the nature is awakening, and mountain lakes are half covered with ice. And it is a real beauty. Days are long too. However, some high mountain tracks and roads are still closed in May, glaciers are not yet blue enough, and it is often quite chilly. Spring in Norway reigns until the end of June.

By August, you will find less flowers, mountains are less snowy, and the green becomes of that deep dark mature color. August is not the most beautiful time, but it is rich in berries and mushrooms, all tracks are available, and it is warm enough even when it rains.

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September often features warm and soft weather. Sometimes you can even see Northern Lights in the North. The end of September – beginning of October is a period of golden and scarlet shades – a treat for your eyes and a photo camera. However, the weather is unstable, it rains often, days are shorter, first snowfalls occur in the mountains.

Overall, every season in Norway is great, you just need to find a right approach!

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