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Hotel Oslo: Where to Stay. Part II

Lean more about the particularities of the Norwegian capital and choose the best hotel Oslo!

Hotel Oslo


The Royal Park smoothly passes into Frogner Park (Frognerparken), famous for its collection of unique Vigeland's sculptures (Vigelands skulpturpark).

Hotel Oslo

This region is green, and tourists are quite rare. Although Frogner Park is a popular tourist attraction, it is situated quite far from the city center and the majority of sights. Moreover, this place is not rich in supermarkets, cafes or restaurants. Hence, if you are fond of quiet places and lazy walks in green surroundings, it is a great option to choose. Look at local villas, like, for example, Villa Frogner Bed & Breakfast.


Often people ask me whether it is worth staying somewhere outside the center of Oslo. To my mind, if you have a car and already saw major attractions of the capital, it may be reasonable. Holmenkollen, for example, is a respectable rural district. It offers fresh air (because of the forest around), ski tracks, and wonderful views to the Oslo Fjord and the city. However, if you stay there, you may be unable to participate in a noisy city nightlife, because you will have to climb to the top of the hill on the way back – even if you use public transport.

Hotel Oslo

Probably, the best option to stay is Holmenkollen Park Hotel with a view to the famous ski-jump Holmenkollen, and which history counts more than a century. You may want to check nearby hotels, like Soria Moria, Lysebu and Voksenåsen as well.


I think that the main feature of a hotel Oslo is how expensive it may be. For a four-star hotel somewhere in Spain you would pay 100 euro per night, in Norway the price will be 160-170 or higher for a similar option.

The majority of Norwegian hotels belong to one of several Scandinavian chains – Radisson, Comfort, Scandic, Rica, Thon, or Clarion Collection. Usually they offer wonderful breakfasts that include traditional cereals and muesli, hot pastry, porridges, and even several kinds of fish.

Hotel Oslo

The design of those hotels is usually similar and functional. In the bathroom you will find just a shower (to save the water), and there are no small soaps, shower caps or other peasant small surprises you may find in other countries.

Lately, Scandinavian hotels started to separate garbage, so you may find several small bins in your room.

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