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Tromsø: Restaurants and Bars

Tromsø is wildly known as the "capital of the Arctic" and "Paris of the North." It is a lively and busy city situated north of the Arctic Circle, among fjords and mountains. It is also a large port and a university center.

Restaurant Tromso

The city center is small and easy to walk around. Residents of Tromso are very companionable and spend a lot of time in cafes that stretch along the Main Street. The number of bars per capita is impressive. Moreover, among Norwegian cities, Tromso has a reputation of an excellent party-town. Nightlife in Tromsø is loud, spectacular, diverse and open for everyone!

Multiple restaurants of Tromso strive to the highest quality of their food and use unique fresh Arctic ingredients, in the same time they get inspiration from French cooking traditions or the latest trends of international cuisine.



Restaurant Tromso

In a stressful society dominated by kiosks and fast-food chains, Fiskekompaniet would like to offer you some of the genuine and healthy food from the ocean. The restaurant is located in the very heart of Tromso, its interiors feature panoramic windows that offer breathtaking views over the fjord. The restaurant was open in 2009, its menu consists of seafood delicacies. Here you can try traditional Norwegian cuisine.

Emmas Drommekjokken 

Dining at Emmas can be both intimate and formal but, above all, homely and relaxing. The perfectly prepared food is always tasty. Emma is well versed in traditional French cuisine and also keeps abreast of the latest trends, fashions and culinary skills. She is always open to good ideas from kitchens around the world but, above all, she appreciates, as they say in the north, ‘real food’; well prepared local produce, just like mothers and their mothers before them used to make.

Restaurant Tromso

Short-dried cod and fish au gratin are two such authentic North Norwegian dishes. They always remain on the menu even though the other dishes are changed at least 5-6 times a year, according to season. This and many more light, quickly-served dishes are included on the lunch menu at very reasonable prices.


Restaurant Tromso

This restaurant-cafe is situated in an old building that dates back to the 19th century. Here they serve fantastic salads, sandwiches and main courses. Even if you are not hungry, pop in there just to have a cup of coffee with a luxurious fancy-cake.


Compagniet is one of Tromsø’s oldest restaurants, and is located in what is locally known as “Scandinavia’s Paris”. In the rooms filled with continental atmosphere and 175 years of history, you can still be served the best in gourmet French cuisine to the north of the 69th latitude.

Restaurant Tromso

Once owned by a prominent family from the fishing industry, the old mansion now offers rustic and distinguished dining rooms and a menu that is constantly evolving. Neither food and wine, nor decor is left to chance.

Skarvens Biffhus 

Restaurant Tromso

A two-store restaurant is situated in the former dockyard building of 1820-ies. On the menu are soft steaks as well as various dishes of goat eat. Just choose the size of your steak and enjoy the delicious taste!


The majority of bars are located in the southern part of the city. Among them Ølhallen and Gründer are especially popular.


Mack’s brewpub Ølhallen is Tromsø's oldest pub. In its younger years, it was teeming with fishermen, farmers and townspeople.

Bars Tromso

Today Ølhallen is one of the most iconic places in Tromsø and is serving Norwegian quality beer from 67 different taps. It’s a place where townspeople of all ages meet and taste the best beers brewed by Mack – the world’s most northern brewery.


Bars Tromso

Gründer is one of Tromsø's most popular venues for all kinds of people. Lunch from 11:00 every day except Sundays. Tasty snacks, tapas, sandwiches and salads are popular menu items. In the evenings, Gründer turns into a bustling bar. On weekends, Gründer is merged with Gründer by Night and becomes the party place of the city!

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