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Car Rental Norway: Car Comparison by price in Norway

Driving is undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore the non major cities of Norway. Initially prices may seem exorbitant, but it is more affordable and even less strenouns to get a vehicle or even go by public transport. There are numerous car rental companies in Norway, so surely you can work out an interesting deal which for sure will not be as expensive as travelling by bus. Learn about Car Rental Norway with us!

Car Rental Norway: Car Comparison by price in Norway

The broad variety of vehicles at hand offered by the rental companies makes it interesting to get a vehicle which of course will get you to almost wherever from SUVs, four wheel cars, luxury cars, 4x4 rental cars and jeeps are some samples of the vehicles at hand to rent. Through this article, tips on how to select a Norwegian car rental provider and of course going through the best car rental companies will be given.

Example: Rental running from September 11th to September 20th
Pick up & Drop off: Oslo

CARS NORWAY                        * best company 2017 in Norway
Peugeot 208:                               322€
Volvo V40:                                  400€

Volkswagen Polo:                         368€
Ford Focus:                                  465€

Ford Fiesta:                                 362€
Opel Astra:                                  444€

Volkswagen Polo:                       371€
Skoda Octavia:                           565€

Volkswagen Polo:                        371€
Toyota Avensis Wagon:               550€

Car Rental Norway: Car Comparison by price in Norway


Exploring Norway through a car rental would probably not be the most affordable option (Hitch hiking is arduous to overcome) yet it should not swell up your means. Definately, renting a car gives you the liberty at a fraction of the cost in comparison to the sightseeing tours sold at the tourist information offices. Following are seven ways to save moey on your Car Rental Norway:

1. Do not purchase it: There is no point in getting a Theft Insurance for the vehicle. A recommendation from your representative, car theft in Norway are unsual, he also assured us not to worry about whatever of the supplemental insurance.

2. Check the internet: Definately, the easiest way of getting the finest deal is undoubtedly going online for Norway car rentals. By booking online you are likely to get a better deal than going straight ahead to a tourist center in Norway. Some companies really offer interesting discounts online if booking are made through their websites, so getting a reservation online could really be a good idea if our aim is to lay aside some money. There are numerous rental companies so it is vital to take time and compare prices by going through the different websites, check through the packages offered and the availability of discounts for online bookings. Following these steps will be essential to get a very good deal.

3. Car collection at the airport: So, you can have both the car rental and the shuttle bus in the same fee when renting the vehicle.

4. Comprehend your vehicle: Do not forget that with lengthy rentals the final cost is bound to be affordable.

5. Petrol Blues: The gas price is something to take into account when considering renting a car. In Europe, petrol is sold in litres not in gallons; therefore, you should expect to pay about $ per gallon.

6. The selection of the rental dates should be made prudently: Sept.1 in Norway signals the beginning of the low season, which runs until May 31. The rentals during this period is even cheaper in Norway. And by cheaper I mean €35/day vs. €85/day – it ́s a HUGE price difference.

7. Consider your budget: You have to look for a rental company which suits your budget. Remember you do not have to spend a bundle on a car rental, hence make an effort to get a rental which will allow you to have some amount to squand during your road trip.

Car Rental Norway: Car Comparison by price in Norway


Oslo has available a limited network of motorways (up to 110km/h). Country roads in many instances are divided in two sided lanes parted by a yellow line in the centre. Speed limit is targeted at 80 km/h (50km/h in villages and towns) if contrarily not indicated. A suitable command of thumb is to calculate 1 minute for a kilometer on average. It is crucial not to underrate driving times/distances. Traffic is commonly serene and light, the majority of drivers are ordered and law abiding, even supposing moderate acceleration is quite usual on highways. Traffic Jams are bound to appear in Oslo and around. The city has at you disposal a whole network of Trams (light rail joined with other traffic), bear in mind that trams commonly have entirely right of way – trams don ́t relent to pedestrians.

Norwegian traffic is one of the most secured in the world. Rules are rigidly compelled, all types of reckless driving (as risky overtaking) is considered as a trangression, and the police does not hold back to emit fines from 100 to 1000 euros, note in particular th e following:

- The “give way” norm is worlwide, all drivers are obliged to yield traffic from the right hand side if signs do not point out in an opposed way (the concept of minor or major road does not exist). Note: No preference for cars abandoning parking lot.
- Headlights are a must, 24 hours, all through the year. Switch lights to parking mode in the event that you stop by the road.
- Drivers are compelled to succumb to pedestrians at crosswalks (without traffic light). This rule is rigorously enforced.
- Overtaking are permitted solely on long straightways with wide perceptibility, unsecured overtaking will be strongly penalized by the police. (advice: overtake only when stricly necessary and fitly secure)
- Seatbelt is a must.
- Indications on roads are based mainly on symbols/codes, minimum explanation text (for example speed limit 80 is only shown as the number 80 in a red circle, no text like “ speed limit”). Road covering labeling is only a sequel to road signs.
- Drinking and driving are prohibited, limit is 0.2% blood alcohol concentration.
- Placing vehicles on preference roads is regularly outlawed if speed limit is 60km/h or greater.

Car Rental Norway: Car Comparison by price in Norway

Riding through severe conditions as winter or even on mountain roads demands proper attetnion. Some monutain and fjord road are not broad enough to converge two cars. Search for signs with a big M which shows a passing point. Traffic going down hill should allow traffic going up hill even if that means reversing. During winter and through winter, speacial winter tyres are absolutely needed. Driving in Norwegian (and Nordic) winter conditions is defiantely not for unpractised drivers. Tourist visiting during winter should be prepared to go on pure ice and snow. Golden rules: be levelheaded, do not bustle, maintain a reasonable distance with other cars, reduce speed through curves, keep a curb on friction. We recommend Cars Reykjavík in Iceland.

Car Rental Norway: Car Comparison by price in Norway

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